Can we get her out the house or what?

So my situation has changed a lot over the past few years. Now I’m a dog owning, step-mom in practice to a 17 year old high school senior. God help me!!!!

family photo


We’re trying to get this young lady off to college but where do we even begin? She’s smart but doesn’t want to work (if it means she has to use her brain). She’s resourceful (but only when it suits her goals of hanging out). She’s driven (especially when it comes to stalking her favorite K-pop group). She has all the right ingredients at her disposal to make an uber successful person but can we get them all together to gel in time?

Here we are a month into the school year and she’s been “advised” all throughout the summer that she needs to put some elbow grease into figuring out what schools she wants to apply to and what needs to be done to meet application requirements. We even gave her a monthly assignment (now that school is back in) of researching four colleges each month and reporting back to us on her findings.  We’re five days past the deadline of when she was supposed to give us her first report and guess what? She’s not finished yet. We’re at a loss of how to impart that this last year in school is important and equally as important is putting some serious thought into where you want to spend the next four years of your life.

Are other parents out there having as much of a hard time as we are? Do your kids have any idea of where they want to go to college? Have they mapped out their school year in relation to taking the SAT/ACT, getting school recommendations, looking into college visits, etc? We want to ensure she leaves the house so she can experience the real world (or at least the sheltered college version of it) but also set her up for success along the way.